Annie the Dog Nanny

My main interest is to start puppies off on the right paw. There is nothing nicer than being around a well adjusted calm dog which they get from being exposed to different environs.

I became a Nanny quite a few years ago. I am involved with puppies at all of the stages of their development. As soon as they are whelped, I start to interact with them and the socialization process continues until they are ready to go to their new owners. Another service I provide is training newly acquired puppies that people are having difficulty training. Certain issues have a commonality about them such as housebreaking, teething, mouthiness, barking and basic obedience. It is important to start working with them while they are young.

I run a unique kennel-free boarding and day care business exclusively for small dogs. Constant supervision and playful interaction with other dogs their own size helps a small dog develop social interactive skills and boosts their confidence level. Understanding an owner’s specific issues in relation to their dogs helps formulate an innovative training and socializing program so that their dog will fit into their lifestyle. My goal is for owners to develop a harmonious relationship with their dogs.

I have also developed a reputation for training young potential champions for the show ring. That includes, lead training, baiting and stacking. It has been a very successful program and has produced many champions. I have shown dogs in Conformation and Obedience and have taken seminars as well as helping people train their own dogs. I know all of the different breeds and what they were specifically bred for and using that information provides the framework for training each individual dog. I find that dogs and their behaviors are often a product of their environment. Recognizing dogs as pack animals makes one realize how much structure is an integral part of their lives and how important it is to provide that for them.