Annie the Dog Nanny


“I frequently travel for work and am often unable to take my Yorkie with me. Annie has been a “second mother” to my little Bella for nearly 5 years now and has truly become a member of the family. There is no one who I trust more to care for her whenever I have to be away. She provides her with a warm home setting that is far superior to any boarding facilities I’ve seen. Not only does it give me great comfort to know that Bella is with someone with years of experience in dog care and socialization, but I love the fact that she very clearly LOVES animals. I can’t recommend her enough!”

– Enya Flack Adsit

“Annie is the only person I trust to watch my two special needs dogs – and that includes my spouse. She not only makes sure that they get the special attention that they need, she loves them for us while we’re not there to do it ourselves. That’s valuable to me. My little angel, Shirley, is blind and Annie makes sure she stays safe and gives her her medication. Paula is my little devil and Annie makes sure she plays well with others. Paula (pictured here in her monkey t-shirt) is a real handful. Thank you, Annie Nanny!”

– Michael Carmin-Romack

“Ruby Blue loves her Annie time. She always comes home happy to see me and tired from playing all day. It’s a win -win for both of us.”

– Rhonda

“I have an 8 year old precious little Chihuahua named Queso. My girlfriend and I absolutely love her. We feed her the best food, give her the best filtered water, and only the best and safest toys to play with. So, when it came to the point where we had to leave her home while we traveled, we wanted only the best.
This was to be my first time leaving Queso with someone other than family. Just moved to California and found a prestigious veterinarian (featured on many television shows) to provide Queso with her annual care. I told the vet that I was new to the area and had no place to leave Queso. Well, this high-end vet’s office had their own kennel service – cages with “room” for our 4lb baby to move around in. ‘She will be taken outside twice a day and allowed to urinate on the concrete area behind the office.’ I thought, ‘WOW, Really?’ My baby girl has never been stuck in a cage before and she has not once in 8 years peed on anything other than grass. Reluctantly, and in a crunch, I paid the entire week for her stay. After leaving the vet’s office, Queso and I headed over to a local postal service in Sherman Oaks. The owner saw Queso and then proceeded to bring out two of her own sweet little Chihuahuas and, while our pups played, I explained to her my reservations about leaving Queso in a “prison” type kennel. The owner handed me a flyer that read, ‘Annie The Dog Nanny’!  I chuckled and told her thanks. As soon as I left the building I decided to called Annie. This was the BEST decision I made that day. Annie told me to come on over with Queso right then and so… I did. The rest is history. Needless to say, I got my money back from the vet.
For 3 years now, I’ve been taking Queso over to Annie’s house. Yes… house. Every sweet little dog gets the pleasure of feeling at home. There’s a huge yard for all the dogs to play in and it is always accessible. Annie has mini ramps for the dogs to easily access every inch of her house. There’s a plethora of crisp, clean doggy blankets and beds. Every dog gets along. It’s amazing!  Annie is the tiny dog whisperer. She is aware of every dog’s need and personality. Annie sends cute videos and pics so I can see how much fun Queso is having while I’m on vacation.
Annie is extremely accommodating. She is literally always there when I need her. And her prices are terrific.  Annie the Dog Nanny is a dream come true. I even get a little jealous at times, because when I say, “Annie the Dog Nanny” out loud, Queso goes CRAZY!!! She runs to the door barking and tail wagging. She can’t wait to see Annie.
Queso loves Annie and so do I.

– Billy and Queso